Dato che so che non avete niente da fare, questa è la lista dei contenuti dei 18 minidisc dei Radiohead pubblicati qualche settimana fa.

Qui potete trovare ulteriori succosi dettagli, come ad esempio cosa-è-davvero-inedito (tantissimo): https://ift.tt/2xvqzo8

0:00 – 1:52 Exit Music Melody / Life in a Glasshouse
1:53 – 5:47 Early I Promise
5:48 – 10:48 Attention Unreleased #1 (Hurts to Walk, possibly Attention?)
10:49 – 13:15 Early Electioneering
13:20 – 15:53 Early Lift
15:54 – 22:29 Full Band True Love Waits
22:34 – 23:38 Unreleased #2 (Little by little, crawls away)
23:38 – 24:22 movie recording?
24:32 – 28:26 First Performance of Lift
28:30 – 36:33 Early Electioneering and I Promise (Live)
36:34 – 38:10 Unreleased #3 (Solo Thom on Acoustic)
38:13 – 43:11 Early Airbag
43:29 – 43:55 Reverb w/ some airbag at end
44:02 – 48:27 Early Airbag w/ reverb at beginning (sounds like planet telex)
48:28 – 52:34 Early Live Performance of I Promise
52:36 – 53:24 Unreleased #4 (i wanna sing along?)
53:25 – 57:28 Early Live Performance of I Promise
57:28 – 1:01:00 Early Live Performance of Electioneering
1:01:02 – 1:05:42 Early Paranoid Android
1:05:42 – 1:07:47 Early Airbag Midway (Sounds like complete version)
1:07:48 – 1:10:48 Early Electioneering (Harmonic vocals, possibly ed or jonny? Cuts off early)
1:10:48 – 1:11:21 Silence

0:05 chatter
0:25 no surprises (soundcheck demo? sounds like the 1 on cassette)
3:02 ?
5:38 ?
8:33 ?
12:21 outdoor sounds
12:47 ?
15:30 ? (this is what i thought was exit music)
19:15 ?
21:28 some ladies chattering n public transport (russian? idk what language) (A REMINDER NOISES)
25:01 tv noises (dogwander/dog wonder inspiration?)
28:25 more noises
29:10 ? (this kinda cuts out into diff tracks i think? not sure if it’s supposed to be 1 song)
37:56 ? (has warbling in the middle… idk if it’s a separate take or they’re just jamming)
39:55 Exit Music (again)
40:36 LET DOWN (early version) (some instrumental jamming at the end)
45:32 another motion picture soundtrack demo
50:28 airbag (w/ false start)
55:31 ? (fan name: Hurts To Walk (My Funky Cloak)) (w/ little jams in the end)
59:40 hurts to walk take 2?
1:03:01 random jamming
1:04:31 start of a song i’ve heard but i forgot the name (the one that goes pa pa pa pa pa pa)

0:10 (unknown flute and sitar jam, skipping around)
2:25 I Promise (cut intro, live)
3:37 Motion Picture Soundtrack (electric guitar, solo Thom so far). According to redditor /u/EsotericCD, this is from the 4/10/96 “Just Passin’ Thru” radio session in Rockville, MD, but is a “FAR FAR better sounding version of it than the off-air recording we used to have.” Thanks for the ID!
7:07 I Promise (first ever live performance, announcement at beginning)
11:24 String arrangements for something (Climbing Up The Walls? unsure)
12:10 Nude with full band (similar to OKNOTOK cassette, may be same take?)
16:12 Metallic percussive noises
16:52 Synthesizer solo
18:11 Saxophone solo, tape manipulated drums
19:35 Solo piano with delay, synth brass and reversed drums/sub bass
26:33 808 and acid-like bassline
30:00 Unreleased Thom solo demo tape #1 3A (Maybe this is love…)
32:40 Unreleased Thom solo demo #2 3B (I Must Control It)
35:14 Same piano delay song as before with more layers (sounds more like a song now)
39:15 Unreleased Thom solo demo #3 3C (It’s gonna be done)
42:14 Unreleased Thom solo demo #4 3D (Can anyone help us)
46:30 Exit Music (solo Thom, alternate arrangement/rhythm and lyrics)
50:50 Very early Paranoid Android section (before “you don’t remember, why don’t you remember my name?” excerpt live
52:25 No Surprises at soundcheck
55:50 Full band song that sounds vaguely familiar but I can’t identify @ soundcheck
1:00:53 Same piano delay song again with even more layers
1:06:17 Unreleased Thom solo demo #5 3E (I Don’t Get It)

Overview: Mostly the band practicing/trying stuff out with earlier versions of well-known tracks. Some interesting synth-ish stuff thrown in towards the beginning.
0:05 This is background for some track I should recognize but I don’t (bass + synth) (Someone should see if they can ID this) Is this Man of War? What is this?
1:38 No Surprises demo. Much acoustic guitar strumming, kind of jammy
5:55 Blip of Bullet Proof
5:58 Weird techno drums + piano Oh this is True Love Waits with synths and electronic drums, no thom singing tho (PLS CONFIRM TLW SOMEONE) [< its for sure tlw] 11:03 Wacky electronic drums with some weird ambient type crowd-ish noises very OKC 14:37 Either another version of the above or a continuation. Crowd noises sound like metro/transport announcements from A Reminder? 18:22 Paranoid Android “You don’t remember” section but like.. Different. Thom is talking through changes and they’re practicing 20:27 More practicing of the same section 21:41 More practicing “You don’t remember” section. Transition to “Rain down” section this time No backing vocals. “Hallelujah” version of this section. Rain down section jam that’s fire ... Link: RADIOHEAD – OK MINIDISC (OK COMPUTER ARCHIVES)

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