According to Cooper: “We were playing a big party in LA, with The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Love – – all those great bands – and we came on next to last because we were the house band. Everybody in the audience was on acid, of course, grooving on peace and love, and then all of a sudden you hear this DA-NA-NAA-NAAA and there’s these insanity-looking clowns onstage. We scared the hell out of these people. They were all on acid, we looked like we’d just come up out of the ground. That audience couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. It was like somebody yelled “FIRE!” There were three people left standing: Frank Zappa, my manager Shep Gordon and one of [celebrated groupies] the GTOs. Frank said, “Anybody that can clear a room that quick, I’ve got to sign.”

“In high school we were writing these horrible little songs, and some of them ended up on “Pretties For You”. Frank Zappa liked us because he would say, “You’ve got five songs here that are two minutes long, and there’s 38 changes in each one of them!” The great compliment was, he would go, “I don’t get it – that’s great, that’s why I’m signing you.”

Grazie a Emanuele Sterbini, ora mi tocca rivalutare anche Alice Cooper πŸ˜›

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPjiHUFqFSA&list=PLBzBwYhHpqLItowgUhmmR5GbUfSxkm7E7&index=13 Link: Changing Arranging

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