Look at Panoramio’s pictures. Aren’t they beautiful?

Of course they are, but not all of them share the same amount of sublime.

What I’d like to do here is to collect the most impressive (for me) pictures from Panoramio and show them to you in a fashionable way.

All the credits of the photos themselves are of course of the authors, and I chose not to upload the photos anywhere, so if you are an author and are worried because you’re seeing here one of your photos, well, you want to know that if you remove it from Panoramio it’s going to be removed from here as well. And if you chose to leave it there, remember that it’s going to stay here together with your title and name just under it. My goal is not to pretend that these photos are mine, but to show to as many people as possible how good you photographers out there are, and how beautiful our big world is.

Have a nice dive.

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